External Audit

Our audits are designed to provide business advice to assist owners, shareholders and managers in making sound business decisions, thus meeting their objectives. In addition, we ensure that a company’s internal controls, processes, guidelines and policies are adequate, effective and in compliance with governmental requirements, industry standards and company policies.

All our audits begin with a full assessment and understanding of the client’s business and operations. This allows us to provide constructive suggestions for improving business strategies, management information and controls. Our examinations are based on statutory requirements and local auditing practices, and our procedures comply with the international standards on auditing.

Why should you hire MA Auditing?
Your worth as a company will be exhibited through the audited financial statements based on which, people will want to do business with you or would be willing to provide loans to you. It is also closely related to the value of auditing firm you’re appointing which is why you want to stick with the best auditing firms in UAE.

MA Auditing is providing accounting support for more than 250 clients in Trading, Construction and Real estate, Healthcare, Logistics and other services.

We have performed over 500 audits. Our certified team practices the code of ethics persistently and is known for its integrity, objectivity and professionalism